believe it or not piper has been busy buying for spring 2013…here is our trip in a snapshot. we find it very hard to always be taking photos while trying to soak it all in but we managed to capture a few for you!

1—new york street beauty on a crisp fall morning.

2–sneak peak inside decision making at its best.

3–street style… we enjoyed their overall look especially the pink and purple pig tail top knots! look closely its a bit blurry.

4–dolan speaks to my heart and soul. made in america-worth every penny. new shipment on the floor tomorrow!

5–proud to say piper is on board with this fall seasons must- have color we saw everywhere. we like to call it oxblood.

6–eating breakfast every morning with a view like this. enough said.

7–enjoyed seeing family and friends after hours in the city that never sleeps!

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peace, love and piper!



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