i know sometimes i feel as though stripes can be over done or maybe i am just striped out! here are a few options to brighten your outlook.

1–first mix is a must! mixing large and small stripes can change the look completely. i am really into the tiny tuck in front, tail out in back…do it your love it!

2–power prints, florals and striped blended together is so up front and it! throw it on with a high-waisted short! you would have to be in a purple haze not to want to wear this.

3–honorable mention, as much as i am a fan of tucking just the front part of my blouse in…i also love a full blouse peeking out from under a sweater or tee. own it!

4– ‘the’ game changer, pop on this adorable jacquard weave dress which doesn’t read typical stripe pair a long chain necklace or 2, girly sandals and a floppy brim to create your our fantasy league.

noted. shop piper

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